Fishing and Marine Protected Areas – July 27th, 2015, Museo del Porto

The role of AMPs has been analyzed during a focus group, which took place on Monday the 27th of in the conference room of the Museo del Porto.

Not just constraints, but also forms of protection and promotion of sustainable fisheries through the existence of Marine Protected Areas. These are some of the themes developed and examined on Monday, July 27th, in the conference room of the Museo del Porto in Porto Torres, during the Focus Group on “Fisheries and management perspectives in Marine Protected Areas” within the European Project Fish & cheap. The event, organized by the National Park of Asinara and AMP, involving operators of maritime areas of the North West of Sardinia, fishermen and local authorities of the territory.

The conference began with greetings from the Vice President of the National Park of Asinara Antonio Diana and were coordinated by Dr. Roberto Cavallo, an expert in environmental sustainability and President of the AICA. Also present were representatives of the Harbour and the Forest Service.

In the first “focus”, introduced by Dr. Giovanni Vargiu (representing the National Park Asinara Island and the Marine Protected Area “Asinara Island) on “The fishing in marine protected areas: Constraints and Opportunities”, actions to be implemented for the development and promotion of sustainable fisheries and the role of Marine Protected Areas that, in a context where fishing activity appears to be in big trouble, can constitute a ‘lung’ of biomass and biodiversity for ‘ environment and fisheries were discussed. Among the possible projects related to tourism (tourism + environmental education), with the recovery of the facilities in the park, could be a viable alternative development.

During interventions, the fishermen highlighted the need for greater control over marine protected areas in an attempt to avert the illegal fishing activities that contribute to the crisis in the sector and more specific laws that protect small-scale fishing and fishing tourism.

In the next “focus” on “Fisheries and protected areas in Corsica the establishment of the Natural Reserve of the Straits of Bonifacio and effects on commercial fishing “, Jean Michel Culioli (Office de l’Environnement Racing) has highlighted the experience of the model and as land conservation, with the realization of the AMP, and the control of illegal fishing having an impact on the spawning grounds for marine species.

The  brand of quality for the promotion and protection of local fish was the central theme of the intervention of Vittorio Gazale (Director of the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte and the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Caccia). The brand, stressed Gazale, is a useful tool for the promotion of products on Asinara Island and can bring tangible benefits for local economies.

All photos of the event can be found in the Multimedia section