Actions and results of the project “Fish & Cheap” – 29th and 30th September 2015


Operators of the local fishing sector, fishermen, wholesalers, distributors, but also caterers, universities and research centers, schools and institutions. The project Fish & Cheap, sponsored by the National Park of Asinara and Marine Protected Area ” Asinara Island” promotes the responsible consumption of fish stocks and fishing methods with low environmental impact and in recent months the participation of all stakeholders involved on the various aspects addressed has been seen.

Recent appointments, the informative meeting “Fish & Cheap? At your fingertips! “ have offered important insights on what has been done and what still has to be implemented to create the best conditions for preserving the environment and enhancing the area. Paul Rosatelli from the Laore agency in Sardinia has focused his speech on the importance of creating instruments of greater awareness and culture of fish, such as was the enhancement of the positive properties of some species, to break down the mistrust of the types of fish not always present on the market. Riccardo Paddeu and Gigi Pittalis, as Directors of the National Asinara Park, have questioned the importance to fully understand the supply chain to be able to turn to the community and to avoid food waste.

Great success for the final conference “Actions for responsible consumption of fish stocks and fishing with low environmental impact”, with the presence of numerous children of the comprehensive schools such as “San Donato” of Sassari, the IC Sennori and the scientific high school “Paglietti” in Porto Torres. Particularly interesting is the presence of fishermen, already involved in the project.
All operators have highlighted the actions carried out and the results of their path, from Elena Riva representative of the Associazione culturale orientare responsible for environmental education activities of the project; Antonella Derriu, environmental educator  from C.E.A.M.A.T from the Regional Park of Porto Conte, head of environmental education activities for Alghero-Porto Conte; Elena Salzano, Event Manager responsible for the communication activities of Fish & Cheap for Ediguida; Rita Virdis, coordinator of E.R.I.C.A and responsible for the activities of the focus group; Loredana Nurra, environmental educator of Asinara Sealand, responsible for the disclosure by information points; Antonio Salis,  Motobarca fisherman ‘Cristina’, representing operators of fishing tourism. Professor Anna Maria Cadeddu from the “San Donato” institute intervened to present the project winner of the ‘Good for the sea good for you’ launched from Genoa during the school year 2014-2015, based on Fish & Cheap with the recipe of Picarel in garlic sauce.

“I am particularly grateful to all the staff of the National Asinara Park, beginning with Aldo Zanello and Giovanni Vargiu, for the results which the project FISH & CHEAP has obtained. This is just the beginning – Says Pierpaolo Congiatu, Director of Asinara park – Today it was possible to receive confirmation of the first ‘seeds of belief’ planted on the ability to draw concrete results from nature. It is important to bring together different constituencies to make them talk to each other and consolidate what has been done to date. Fish & Cheap can consolidate itself as a reference identifying the experiences. ”
Giovanni Vargiu, project manager, said: “You can think about possible developments through the organization of festivals on issues such as neglected species or the introduction of a Fish & Cheap dish in school canteens.” “It is important to tell new generations about the environmental tradition of fishermen, ” concludes Congiatu.

The full video of the event and interviews with the protagonists can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the project

All photos of the events are in the Multimedia section

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