Summary of operations taken place with Fish & Cheap

Target  Action Code Brief Description
The Multimedia communications campaign is aimed at conveying the palatability of species little used in the culinary tradition Material form of communication 1.1.1 Creation of 14 interdisciplinary cards for the promotion of species covered by the Fish & Cheap campaign. Processing logo, website, QR Code cards of neglected species and other communication material of the project.
Creating specific QR Code and sections on the National Park of Asinara website Creating pages dedicated to fish species 1.2.1 Transformation of the data in the QR Code. Creating a dedicated section in the corporate website of the marine protected area. Banners with sites that deal with recipes, census fish species and marine tourism.
Promote knowledge and discussion on the state of fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea Study Conference 1.3.1 International study conference on fish stocks in the Mediterranean, the problem of over fishing and its possible solutions: fishing and sustainable consumption.
Press conference Promotion project 1.4.1 Presentation of the project.
Promotion of new eating habits among the local population Advertising in local newspapers 2.1.1 Advertising with pictures of the fish found, QR Code and IP address to connect to downloading recipes, trivia, publications and analysis.
Promoting consumption of fish from the local population Promoting events at restaurants 2.2.1 Promotion of theme nights with dinners of species not normally marketed and constant inclusion of at least one dish on the menu of the restaurant, taking into account the season.
  Promoting the consumption of fish with tourists 2.2.2 Promotion of theme days with lunches and dinners of neglected species and constant inclusion of at least one dish on the menu of tour operators involved in the project.
Raising awareness of local fishermen aimed at adhering  to fishing methods that have a reduced environmental impact Introductory workshop project 2.3.1 Workshops presenting  the project Fish & Cheap and membership campaign.
Evaluation of the economic potential of neglected species and monitoring effective promotion campaigns Effective monitoring and scientific coordination of the project Fish & Cheap 2.4.1 Monitoring the fishing industry to quantify the marketability of ‘neglected’ fish. Evaluation of the eating habits of families in relation to seafood. Preparation ofthe economic / ecological projections.  Promotion of the Fish & Cheap campaign and scientific coordination of the project.
Distribution of good practices to increase the sustainability of fishing Focus groups for operators and RETRAPARC partners  of marine protected areas 2.5.1 Involvement through focus groups, the operators active in the network of ‘RETRAPARC’ parks and Sardinian Marine Protected Areas, in order to raise awareness and distribute best practices aimed at reducing the environmental impact of fishing.
Promotion of 14 species of fish in the sales network Identity card of the fish found 3.1.1 Create a poster to be placed, along with window stickers at the network distribution (fish shops, fish markets, supermarkets) who are willing to sell the fish species of the project Fish & Cheap
Creating distribution network Fish & Cheap? At your fingertips! 3.2.1 Informative meetings with the different operators of distribution (wholesalers, markets, fish markets, supermarkets) for joining the project and the sale of the species covered by the project.
Promotion of sustainable development in the young generation Education for Sustainable Consumption 3.3.1 Environmental education in primary and secondary schools to promote the consumption of seasonal fish, zero kilometer and neglected species.
  Fishermen will become responsible 3.3.2 Environmental education for sustainable fishing and responsible consumption, to be implemented as part of environmental education actions with the fishermen and fishing tourism operators and / or in fish retail.
Promotion of sustainable fisheries by means of an info-point Sustainable fisheries and responsible consumption 3.4.1 Realization of an info-point on sustainable fisheries and responsible consumption. Participation in fairs and national and international events.