“Fish & Cheap” events – May 2015

European Project FISH CHEAP “Small-scale fishing, conservation of fisheries resources and responsible consumption. New prospects for a sustainable future”

Conference – Asinara Island – 28th of May 2015
Workshop – Porto Torres – 29th of May 2015

Part of the communication campaign of the European project “Fish & Cheap” sponsored by the National Park of Asinara and Marine Protected Area “Asinara Island” under the European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013, aims to promote responsible consumption of fish stocks and of fishing methods with low environmental impact. In this context, also, we want to emphasize the role of marine protected areas in the sustainable management and restoration of fish resources.

The campaign “Fish & Cheap. Good, cheap, local” wants to propose an image of popularity in the consumption of fish and emphasize sustainable consumption and ‘cheap’, namely economic. The concept of economy meets the concept of ecology and rational use of resources: in fact fishing can be sustainable when exercising a low environmental impact, using abundant resources, excellent in terms of food, and when it allows an adequate income to operators of sea.
Providing environmental education campaigns with schools (already under way), the promotion of recreational fishing and the involvement of all the fishing industry, the establishment of a network of restaurants sensitive to the issue of responsible consumption and availability to create a menu with neglected species that fall in the circuit of the “Company of the good catch”, as well as numerous events to raise awareness and promote the theme.

Among them there is a two-day conference / workshop entitled “Small-scale fishing and responsible consumption. New prospects for a sustainable future.” The days will be structured as follows:

May 28th, 2015 international conference of the study on “Fishing, protected areas and fish stocks in the Mediterranean”, at the Casa del Parco, Cala Reale – Asinara Island. Departure from Port Torres at 8.30;
May 29th, 2015 workshop entitled “Development of new markets for responsible consumption of fish resources”, at the Hotel Libyssonis Porto Torres starting at 10.00.

There will be professional speakers of international caliber and the operators of fishing in order to promote sustainable management of fish resources and to enhance the development of consumer awareness.
Over the two days, at the ferry terminal at Porto Torres, you can also visit an exhibition of drawings by students who participated in environmental education activities. The exhibition is enriched by the presence of the info point Fish & Cheap with informative materials, movies and games. The exhibition and info point and can be visited on Thursday the 28th from 9.30 until 19.30 and Friday the 29th from 9.30 to 13.30.

 Fish & Cheap is the perfect synthesis of all the institutional responsibilities of Parks and AMP: nature conservation, exploitation of natural and human resources, scientific research, environmental education. The objectives of the project and of the events are:
– Emphasize the role of Marine Protected Areas in the management and restoration of fish resources;
– Emphasize the importance of collaboration between scientists and fishermen for the development of management plans for fish stocks;
– Emphasize the ecological importance of the development of responsible behavior with particular reference to the consumption of neglected fish;
– Compose and develop the promotion of responsible consumption based on existing initiatives (European projects and ‘virtuous’ business activities).

The interviews with the protagonists can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the project



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